1 04 2017


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(1 April 2017 – Washington, DC)   President Xi will be meeting with President Trump at his Florida estate in a few days.  But it’s the wrong timing and the wrong location.  Xi is coming when Trump is growing desperate.   He has decimated international climate accords, declared a major military build-up, is facing serious FBI/Congress/media investigations that could bring him down, is already sinking in public opinion polls, has already been put down by Federal courts, and more than once as President has offended/insulted/threatened China.  Add to this he’s been quite professionally declared “mentally ill”, grossly unfit for the office of POTUS, and an incurable “malignant narcissist” psychopath.  Just a few months before taking office Trump was even quite loudly and publicly declaring that China “was raping” the USA.

Xi should have waited and at least insisted on an initial short, formal, Washington meeting during which he should have also quickly met with top business leaders, political/media personalities, and for a deft touch with some of the many Chinese students attending DC universities at the still new China Embassy.   Had Xi done things in this way he would have denied Trump the big spotlight he seeks/needs while keeping him at a polite formal distance.    Better yet Xi could have declined meeting Trump on his terms at all and insisted on a meeting at the U.N., or even better than that, at an International conference dedicated to climate change measures.

This said, what a remarkable country President Xi now represents.  Just 37 years ago China was just 3% of world GDP.   Then Deng Xiao Ping, a diminutive five foot tall chain smoker, instituted historic economic/social reforms that have massively changed China and the world!   Just in these years China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest economy!   And by 2030 the size of China’s GDP is now projected to be considerably larger than that of the US.   There has never been such a huge shift in economic power and influence in such a short period of time in human history.

But China is still struggling when it comes to soft power, media/p.r. power, military power, and diplomatic sophistication/finesse.  At least let’s hope Xi doesn’t invite sinking sick dangerous Trump, whom we Americans have to now deal with by either blocking or removing, to visit China!