Dear President Xi

5 04 2017

Image result for caricature us vs chinaSimple message to President Xi:  DO NOT invite TRUMP to CHINA!

A few days ago in advance of this week’s visit by Xi to Trump in Florida I wrote:

Xi already has done something important right:  he is not staying at Trump’s estate but will just meet with him there.    Most important now is that Xi handle everything in the typically careful and professional and dignified Chinese way regardless of whatever provocations or slights might come from Trump.   Most important of all is that Xi not succumb and invite Trump to China!

A very astute friend of mine wrote me the following upon reading my own misgivings about this Xi-Trump get together a few days ago:

“I personally think Xi is more than a match for the Tweeter.  I will be very surprised if this gives him any boost.  In fact, I think it may sink him further.  Xi has his measure and will play him for the puppet he is.  I suspect he may rub Tweeter’s nose in the climate data and gently point out that he has made the US a laughing stock in the world on this issue.  We shall see.  Yes, he could have made more of the visit but I think he may feel that he has to meet the man face to face to get his measure so he knows how far he can go in the future.”