Dangerous Deceitful Dishonest TRUMPEES

9 04 2017

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THREE Ds INDEED!    Trump and Generals MadDog and McMasters just bombed the Syrian Government for the first time.  They made up an excuse.  They connived to pull off another false flag.  The did it with the Chinese President coming for dinner (he departed without a Press Conference or even a joint statement).  They spent $100+ million just in high-tech missiles not to mention all the other costs.   Oh yes, let’s not forget, no involvement of Congress or the Constitution for that matter.

Turns out the Generals warned the Russians, and via them the Syrians themselves, in advance.   And within a day or so the supposedly destroyed airbase was being using by Syrian aircraft as before while Russians war ships with cruise missiles of their own came back to the Med and the Trumpees were being warned by Moscow they better not do it again.

So….just what are Trump and the Generals going to do next?   And not just Syria.  The American fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq remain hot and dangerous.    Yemen and Somalia as well.   Then there’s all the military preparations escalation going on in Eastern Europe via neoconized NATO.  And oh yes, there’s North Korea where Trump and the Generals are quite publicly talking of killing the leader and “preemptive attack”; and thus the Koreans are escalating their own deterrence and belligerence.

Flash to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and their doomsday clock unveiling at the National Press Club here in Washington earlier this year:   2.5 minutes to Midnight!

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