U.S. Threatens China + World

11 04 2017

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The U.S. military-industrial-neocon complex is threatening the world even more publicly than before.   Aligned with Israel and the Saudis in the Middle East, and with Japan/Korea/Australia/India and others in Asia/Pacific, the Trumpees are on the march.   With Generals Maddog and McMaster in charge of Trump himself, an associate General of theirs in charge of the Homeland, and the Exxon/Mobil corporate chief in charge of the shrinking State Department, it’s another pre-9/11 moment.  Just think back to who was put in charge by Bush/Cheney as soon as they came to total power in the months before 9/11.

While Trump was recently planning his meeting with Chinese President Xi he was at the same time being used by the Trumpees to plan the attack on Syria.  Pissed Xi left without a Press Conference or even a Joint Statement — highly unusual — with the Americans, but not the Chinese, saying their guy was invited sometime maybe to China.   Upon his return to China Xi immediately ordered Chinese military forces to the north bordering Korea; and the Chinese media under his control has understandably become even more hostile and belligerent to the Trumpees.

Then, just for good measure, Exxon Rex went on many of the Sunday Talk Shows to proclaim:  “The US will hold to account any and all who commit crimes against innocents anywhere in the world” as more military forces were being deployed to both the Pacific and the Middle East.

Looks like in Moscow and Beijing, as well as Tehran and Damascus and beyond, there are others desperately trying to block the Americans at the moment, and maybe hold them to account in the future.