Syria bombed because of Jewish “Advisors”

12 04 2017

Turns out that psychopath Pres Trump bombed Syria after getting pushed to do so by his top advisers, both Jewish and Zionist, and one of whom who has been a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu most of his life, even giving up his own bedroom years ago so Bibi (between stints as PM at the time) could comfortably stay in the family home.

You’ve probably got it.   That life-long orthodox Jewish super Zionist is Trump’s son-in-law, and he was the primary “Adviser to the President” pushing hard for the Syria bombing.  That’s when Kushner reportedly came up against Bannon, who partly as a result seems to be sinking.  Plus of course then there is the converted orthodox Jewish adviser who also pushed hard to get her father to do the bombing.  For Ivanka too is an official “Adviser to the President”, plus married to Kushner.

There’s much more Jewish involvement in using another front-man non-Jew to do what the Israelis and their Jewish lobbyists, money-men, media-brokers, and corporate titans want the U.S. to do.   Remember how they manipulated Bush into 9/11 – Wolfowitz, Perle, Zakheim, Feith, Friedman, Libby, Cohen, Lieberman, Sultzburger, et. al.    The Islamophobia they have inspired for so long at the behest of Israel is now firmly rooted a la The Donald.

This go around Chief Neocon ideologist Robert Kagan has been prominently featured in The Washington Post pushing hard for bombing Syria and beyond that “no fly zones”, more weapons for the “moderates” (as well as Israel and the Saudis), and with “regime  change” the real goal.   He and his also Jewish Zionist wife, Victoria Nuland, have been major players on the Washington scene, along with so many others of their Jewish friends (think Indyk and Ross and AIPAC of course)  for quite some time.

Now…I can hear the screams about “anti-semitism” and “self-hating Jew”…that’s the long-time cowering and intimidating badgering they employ…even against proud and principled Jews like myself.   But hey, I could have used the title “Jews Attack Syria!”   And there are so many far worse magazine covers and graphics then this one from an on-the-team liberal Jewish monthly.   But it’s Passover…and besides…I’ve clearly made my point without having to be so extra blatant about it.  🙂

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