“War at any Moment”

15 04 2017

That’s the warning from the sensible, dignified, and properly led Chinese – WAKE UP WORLD or it’s “WAR AT ANY MOMENT”! 

The Americans more than any other party are responsible for what is now happening on the Korean Peninsula.  But that’s a long historical story going back to Truman and MacArthur and all that has followed since.   Right now the American people have allowed their mentally-ill new President to set the stage for attacking yet another country on his orders alone.   The U.S. Congress has totally abdicated it’s Constitutional responsibilities, not to mention political and military sanity.   And the American media has once again failed to bring history and perspective along with understanding and honesty to the people it so badly misserves.

WAKE UP AMERICA! — that was my missive yesterday!     WASHREPORT.COM