Israel’s Escalating Fascism

21 04 2017

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Jews who support peaceful BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) are now prohibited from visiting Israel or the now 50-year occupied Palestine. But radical extremist super-Zionist Jews who want to illegally “settle” in the “occupied territories” and even promote nuke attack on Iran are welcome!

Newsmen who support Israeli policies are wined, dined, and rewarded in the Jewish State.  But the former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., now in charge of Israeli “diplomacy”, is calling for forcing closure of the New York Times bureau in Jerusalem because it published an important Op Ed by the most popular Palestinian leader, one whom the Israelis have imprisoned for the past 15 years!

And yet the USA keeps rushing super arms and pouring additional billions into radical lawless neo-fascist Israel as it prepares for the next regional war they have long advocated to take down their diehard opponents in Palestine, Lebanon, Iran and beyond.   The greater design, it needs be added, is the geo-strategic goal of further embroiling the Americans militarily (as well as CIA/NSA) in the region on their side forever.