28 04 2017

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Act Fast, Firm, Dignified, Strong, Determined, Resolute CHINA!   Yesterday Trump very publicly complimented President Xi and Sec Tillerson opened the door to “talks” with North Korea.   It’s time to seize the momentum and demonstrate new China’s diplomatic skills and might on top of its growing economic and military strength.    Step forward publicly now, quickly this weekend, inviting representatives of the U.S. as well as both North and South Korea to Beijing for consultations.   If done right it will be difficult for any of the parties to refuse.   And even if one or more parties do, you are still the winner and better positioned for what is to come.  Whatever, don’t let any one of them haggle and delay and obfuscate.    Set a date and make the invitation very public; though the talks will be very private.

More to come from me about how to actually handle all aspects of the talks.   But don’t delay and/or let the Americans cower or bamboozle you about taking this invitation step.   Trump gave you no notice that while inviting you to dinner he has simultaneously ordered the bombing of Syria.   Korea is your part of the world…you need give no notice about this.   Just rise quickly now to this unique historic occasion and opportunity!