TRUMP wins yesterday

30 04 2017

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He is mentally-ill and super dangerous, but he is still POTUS and making terrible changes in the country and the world — climate at the top of the list.   Events Saturday illustrated this so tragically…and ominously.

  • While huge crowds marched in record April heat around Washington and the White House in the Peoples Climate demonstration, Trump was absent.
  • While Chomsky has declared the Trumpees the “most dangerous political organization” in the “history of humanity” because of climate few in Washington are even aware.

While Trump was holding a campaign-rally in Harrisburg PA declaring “I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be 100 miles away from Washington swamp spending my evening with all of you, and with a much much larger crowd and much better people”, he forced the CEO of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinning sans President for the first time in 35 year, to feel he had to declare “We are NOT Fake News.  And we are NOT the Enemy of the American People.”  

Note:  the last time POTUS did not attend this “must” dinner it was Reagan…but he had been shot and was in the hospital!

  • And let’s not forget that just last Saturday, another massive crowd paraded in protest around Washington feeling they had to “March for Science”…something we’ve always assumed until now!

Videos of these and other marches as if you were there are at: