ABBAS = Stooge, Collaborator, Illegitimate, Disaster

4 05 2017


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These and so many other negative and derogatory words actually sum up Wednesday’s Abbas visit to Trump and the Trumpees at the White House and around Washington.   Abbas and his crony collaborating VIP entourage have in fact destroyed Palestine while cashing in themselves on vast monies and privileges.  This time they allowed themselves to be used as Trump props in traitorous ways.

And, lol, the only Palestinian “analyst” quoted in The Washington Post today about the Abbas/Trump get together is one who actually formally works for the Israeli Lobby (which pays him well) so he can keep miserably fronting for Abbas!

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Add the following to description of both Abbas and his Trump get-together:  FARCE, DESPICABLE, SHAME, NUTTY, MASQUERADE


Climate Emergency!

4 05 2017



Image result for caricature global warmingAs the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators just a few days ago marched down the same Pennsylvania Avenue taken by Trump in his inaugural just a few months ago, because of legal requirements Homeland Security declared an emergency DC day because of the extreme temperature.  And it was still April!   But this April was the hottest in the history of Washington, and the day itself tied the record for hottest ever 29th.

But just in advance of the Peoples Climate March, itself coming just a week after the even larger March for Science Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completely removed from its website the section dealing with “The Science of Climate Change”.

Indeed, as Chomsky has so boldly and forcefully declared, the “political organization” now empowered over America is the worse in the “history of humanity” for by denying rather than urgently confronting climate change human civilization as we know it is now in question!

To watch the marches as if you were there in person click on the blue march names above.   Also check out