ABBAS = Stooge, Collaborator, Illegitimate, Disaster

4 05 2017


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These and so many other negative and derogatory words actually sum up Wednesday’s Abbas visit to Trump and the Trumpees at the White House and around Washington.   Abbas and his crony collaborating VIP entourage have in fact destroyed Palestine while cashing in themselves on vast monies and privileges.  This time they allowed themselves to be used as Trump props in traitorous ways.

And, lol, the only Palestinian “analyst” quoted in The Washington Post today about the Abbas/Trump get together is one who actually formally works for the Israeli Lobby (which pays him well) so he can keep miserably fronting for Abbas!

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Add the following to description of both Abbas and his Trump get-together:  FARCE, DESPICABLE, SHAME, NUTTY, MASQUERADE