Hillary’s Lovers – Why She Lost

5 05 2017


She lost because of two of her lover’s, Bill and Huma, not just because of “Russian Wikileaks” and Comey.

FBI Director Comey has publicly said it was because of Bill’s “impromptu tarmac” meeting with the Attorney General, his boss, that he felt compelled to first go public last summer as he did.   Then it was the Weiner man the Clinton’s married off to Huma, Hillary’s very special top assistant, whose gross and repeated sex addictions led to the portable computer that led to Comey saying he felt compelled to do what he did just a few days before the election.

On top of all this, had it not been for fear of more exposure of Bill’s sexual dalliances, including under age girls via the Lollita Express, the Clinton campaign could have and would have exposed far more about Trump.   But just as only now post-Obama we are learning from the new most comprehensive book about his real life and “hollow” personality.   We probably won’t learn what more we should know and badly need to know about Trump until it is too late!