Trump’s “Beautiful” Children – He’s killing them by the thousands!

8 05 2017

Image result for caricature killing children

Remember Trump’s emotional tirade before he launched 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syria a few weeks ago because, so he said, they were gassing “beautiful” children?

Now Command-in-Chief Trump has chosen to make his first foreign visit to a harshly repressive and militant country responsible right now for killing thousands of children monthly!    In fact the U.N. says half a million “beautiful” children are right now in danger of starving to death!

And it’s all being done with U.S. weapons (for which they pay billions to arms manufacturers), with much covert help from the CIA as well as America’s other top rogue ally.

Now let me name names!   Trump will soon be making his first foreign visit to Saudi Arabia and from there to Israel.  These are America’s two top partners in crime and control in the Middle East both super armed by the U.S. — one the recipient of the most U.S. money (by far), the other purchaser of the most U.S. weapons (by far).   It’s in neighboring Yemen that the Saudis and Americans are killing so many children quite literally every day for years now!

Of course, when it comes to America and top allies killing children in large numbers on top of destroying countries also think Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, and a bit more in the past Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…and the list goes on.