Preparations to invade Syria from south?

9 05 2017

Image result for caricature Middle East war games  What may be the largest, longest, and most countries ever war games in the history of the region is underway in Jordan.   Taking place in Jordan but coordinated by the US, NATO, and the Saudis — with Israel of course watching and indirectly/covertly involved in everything — more than 20 countries are taking part including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, as well as the US, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Poland, Pakistan, Australia and Kenya.

Just before these war games began the Russians took a major step of their own to counter this latest U.S. gambit.   They established “no fly de-escalation zones” in Syria, including two major ones in the south in the area bordering Jordan — coordinating their own gambit with Iran and Turkey, as well as Bathist Syria and Hezbollah Lebanon.

Just after these war games end Trump will be making his first foreign excursion as American Commander-in-Chief — how appropriately destinations Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The military war games are named “Eager Lion 2017”

The launching of Eager Lion Exercise (Petra News Agency)I