Fire Trump?

10 05 2017

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The big major issue is not Comey, abruptly and unprecedentedly fired by Trump.   The big important issue is the investigation Comey was heading up into the Trump election.  That’s why he was fired, not the panoply of excuses.  Yes the “Saturday Night Massacre” from the past does come to mind…but this time it may take some time to come more clearly into focus.

Only the media (remember Watergate and Nixon) and only a truly independent prosecutor with full subpoena powers and total independence from the Trumpees can do the job now.   Comey was fired without any warning and while away from his office precisely so he could not gather his things and take with him, one way or another, the damning evidence that he may have already gathered that could get Trump himself fired.

Tragically both the Congress and the “Main Street Media” are too weak, and lazy, to do the job.  So as Chris Hedges keeps pointing out, the road to serious rebellion and street war now looms in America.   One thing for sure:  today’s America is certainly no longer the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.