It’s Official: Mahmoud ABBAS is a COLLABORATOR

11 05 2017

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It was Mahmoud Abbas who signed the “historic agreement” at the White House in 1993.  Then after a terrible decade for the Palestinian people it was Abbas who oversaw the cover-up of the Arafat assassination so he could take power.


A long time ago now, but as soon as they learned what Abbas and Arafat were secretly doing in 1993, two of the world’s most distinguished and respected Palestinians ended all contact with them, resigned their key positions in Palestinian Affairs, and become fierce critics of the rump PLO:  Edward Said and Haider Abdel Shafi.    They both warned of disaster ahead for the Palestinian people because of the policies Abbas was championing.   As the live commentator on CTV throughout that White House ceremony I was one of the few national commentators, maybe the only one in fact, who predicted right as the ceremony was taking place that the agreement Abbas was signing would fail and end in tragedy for the Palestinian people (


Now, a generation later, the Palestinian people are everywhere fractured, demoralized, embittered, imprisoned and far more occupied and defeated than ever.   But Abbas and his small entourage of quisling corrupt Palestinians have their foreign bank accounts and homes, sons and daughters in elite western universities, and relish in their VIP international status as long as they serve their masters in Israel, the U.S. and the EU.   Beyond all this, when his party was defeated in the last Palestinian election he has ever allowed, that more than a decade ago now, Abbas collaborated with the Israelis and Americans to get many of the elected representatives imprisoned, the Palestinian legislature disbanded, and a coup attempted against Hamas…which failed in Gaza leading to today’s horrible situation.


For some time now Abbas has been in fact a totally illegitimate not real “President”, protected by, financed by, and kept in power by the Mossad/Shinbet and CIA, with help from the quisling Arab regimes in Riyadh, Amman, Cairo and the GCC.

Last week in Washington, the night before he met with Trump at the White House, Abbas had a private dinner with billionaire Zionist Ron Lauder, now President of the World Jewish Congress.   Rather than with his own people, he spent the night with the super Zionists.  A generation ago the WJC, then led by founder Nahum Goldman and his successor Philip Klutznick, was in the forefront of what could have then been a real and true peace.  Since then the WJC has been destroyed as an independent organization by billionaires Bronfman and Lauder and quite literally become a lackey power agent worldwide for the Israelis.   But that’s a much longer and convoluted story for I was Goldman’s choice right out of NYU Law  and Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School to work with him seriously pursuing a true peace as the first Washington Rep of the WJC.


Right now it’s sufficient to say that the Abbas dinner with Lauder followed by his totally demeaning and absurdly embarrassing meeting with Trump symbolize this conclusion.   Mahmoud Abbas is the worst Collaborator “leader” in history and he, and his crony VIP Palestinian sycophants, have not only vanquished their own people to unending bondage and servitude, they have actually destroyed any possibility of a real Palestinian State and the now deceased “Two-State Solution”.

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