12 05 2017

For those who doubted, now we know TRUMP is NUTS!

The stunning move adds a new level of intrigue to the firing of the nation's former top cop

By even hinting at the existence of tapes of ‘private’ conversations in the White House the memory of the Nixon tapes and his downfall immediately come to mind!

If there are tapes with Comey, what about with Flynn, with Bannon, with Kushner, even with Lavrov and the Russian Ambassador himself this week, maybe Netanyahu and Abbas as well?

Once the legal process for one or more matters gets underway, once the subpoena powers of the Congress and the Courts come into play, all those tapes (that is if there are any) are in play.    Add to this possible questions of destruction of evidence, perjury, cover-up…the list goes on!

Remember now, Clinton was impeached not because of anything he did with Monica or anyone else, but because of perjury in a legal proceeding.   And Nixon was forced to resign because he refused to turn over, and partially erased, “the tapes”.

With Comey and now “the tapes” Trump has now put himself in far greater jeopardy than he was just a few days ago….and it already was quite a witches brew!


Make America and Make Israel….

12 05 2017

Thanks to the psychopathic malignant narcissist now the American President, we have a whole new outpouring of four-word “Make” slogans.   Here a couple of the best:

Make America THINK Again!

Make America SANE Again!

And for those rightly pissed off, for a long time, about America’s policies in the Middle East that among other things make Israel’s policies possible, this last one can be especially provocative and thought-provoking.  Some enterprising Palestinians (or maybe Israelis) should maybe be rush producing these right now so lots of people could be wearing them when Trump visits Israel later this month!