Smart Chinese, Dumb Americans

14 05 2017

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May 14, 2017:      The Chinese are on the march while the Americans are wallowing in confused despair.

The Chinese are holding a major international conference in Beijing eagerly pursuing their new “Silk Road” and “Globalization 2.0”, while the Americans are burdened with a mentally-ill President and a leaking corrupted not really democratic constitutional system.

The Chinese are not only building their own country anew but extending their money and expertise far and wide throughout Asia and beyond, while the Americans are embarrassed even in their capital with a dysfunctional Metro system and crumbling infrastructure everywhere…even the Memorial bridge across the Potomac to Arlington Cemetery is falling apart.

The Chinese are investing their trillions creating economic value and political/cultural alliances; while the Americans are pouring their trillions into endless wars enriching their militarists, yet impoverishing their middle class, and fomenting derision and scorn abroad.

There was a great media example of Chinese smarts and American stupidity this weekend.  While the major Beijing international Silk Road conference is underway, also capitalizing on the Trump pullout from TPP, Washington seems paralyzed by confusion and scandals.    In Saturday’s Washington Post there was a major complimentary article about what’s happening in Beijing.  And then Sunday on the front page of the New York Times there was an even more major and more complimentary article about President Xi, China, the new “Silk Road” and Chinese “Globalization 2.0” leadership.

Meanwhile in WaPo Sunday one of America’s most respected Constitutional Law Professors, Laurence Tribe at Harvard, loudly declared that Trump “Must Be Impeached”; this on top of the Yale University Conference a few weeks ago declaring Trump a “dangerous psychopathic malignant narcissist”.

And yes, got to have the guts to admit it, it’s becoming more and more embarrassing, shameful, and troubling, to be American despite all the advantages and privileges we have had for so long.   Plus we’ve got to have the courage now to urge others, including China and Russia and the U.N., to act in ways that restrain and block our USA on so many things, including stopping the decimation of urgently needed international climate protection efforts.

Maybe it’s time for us all, especially the kids, to learn Mandarin!