Washington a la Trump!

16 05 2017

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Is Trump guilty of “obstruction of justice” — and what about “tapes” — a la Nixon?

Are Trump’s top aides the competing “leakers” — a la Watergate?

Was the DNC staffer murdered in July the Wikileaks source — a la The Godfather.

Did the Trumpee advance team really tell the Israelis Jerusalem’s Old City is “not their territory”?

Is the President mentally-ill — a psychopathic malignant narcissist as the Yale  conferees agreed a few weeks ago?

Must Trump be impeached as one of the country’s top Constitutional Law Professors insisted a few days ago in WaPo?

Washington a la Trump has become far “better” crazier drama than any of the TV series.  No need to wait for the weekly fix anymore…now it comes daily, sometimes hourly, from official Washington itself!