Political Water-Boarding of Trump

18 05 2017

Private, secret, hidden, risky, leaks and revenge acts are all over Washington DC these days — more in the Trump era than ever!

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, struck last night.   Facing an “off-the-record” grilling from the entire Senate today (about which leaks are inevitable of course), Rosenstein rushed to appoint Special Prosecutor Mueller last night.   No one could stop him and he knew he had to do it to salvage his own reputation as well as insolate himself from any demonstrable retribution.  His boss, the dangerous extreme right-winger and top Trump confidant, Sessions the Attorney General, had been forced to “recuse” some weeks ago.  His boss, the mentally ill malignant narcissist, the President, could no longer dare intervene on this one.

So many others, at least some actually trying to protect the country they actually have served and believe in, are leaking all kinds of things day after day.  Trump and his  Trumpees are experiencing a kind of political water-boarding these days!