Reality – FBI/Special Counsel Robert Mueller

20 05 2017

The Washington political establishment and corporate “main stream media” are all so adoring of him.   Of course they are, Robert Mueller is one of their own!  And that’s the big problem for the rest of us!  Considering just the following:

Until last week Mueller was partner in a law firm whose clients are, and remain, Paul Manaford (former Trump Campaign Manager under investigation) and Ivanka plus Jared Kushner (to White House officials under investigation).

Mueller oversaw the FBI in the years when so much about 9/11, the Saudis, the Israelis, and so much more was all covered up to “protect the country”; and when in fact the 9/11 Commission itself was “set up to fail”!

Muller himself was one of very few Directors of the FBI, an organization with a dastardly past that should neither be forgotten nor forgiven — watch this video!

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