TRUMP = Agent of Israel and Saudi

21 05 2017

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It’s not the Russians who turned Trump into an “agent of influence”, though they may have tried, it’s the Israelis and their now sub-agent the Saudis.  Their now fully coordinated determination to control the Arab world using the Americans has swung into super gear with Trump.

Both Israelis and Saudis are now racing to get as much as they can as quickly as they can from their man in the White House.  The Saudis have not only gotten a grand show starring Trump pretending they are the leader and champions of Islam, they have gotten quite literally a flow of hundreds of billions in super arms for the next decade.

The Israelis have already gotten tremendous more arms, money, war games/preparations, and “intelligence” cooperation.  Trump quickly became Israel’s “Goy”, their front-man using key American Jews already working with them for years in various ways to manipulate him — World Jewish Congress President Lauder, son-in-law and long time Bibi confidant Kushner, Islamaphobe ideologist Miller, and a host of Jewish lawyers and businessmen Trump has worked with in New York throughout the years.  They even have him close to making one of their own, the long-time dually loyal Joe Lieberman, to be the first religious Jew Zionist to ever head the FBI.   Oh yes, they’ve been pushing hard for the Embassy move to Jerusalem as well, but even without that they have taken Jerusalem and made it theirs by successfully separating it from the rest of conquered and shriveling Palestine.

There’s much more to this sordid, dangerous, conspiratorial, tragic story.   But enough for this morning with Trump in Saudi and on the way to Israel…his “first” international trip btw!

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