24 05 2017

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JULY 2016:   WHAT IF instead of the Russians hacking the DNC, and then leaking to help Trump win, it was a disgruntled DNC employee pissed off about how Bernie Sanders was being treated who leaked to Wikileaks…and then was murdered?   Remember the critical time…it all happened in the weeks just before the Democratic Convention.

MAY 2017:   WHAT IF the damning Trump quotes from the critical White House meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador were not leaked by someone in the White House but by the Russians?  WHAT IF the Russians decided that their hopes for weakened Trump being able to “improve” relations are over and thus better to bring on the next guy who is free of Russiagate, plus stir up things further for the Trumpees at the same time?

The first WHAT IF I’d say is quite possible, maybe even likely at this point.  And if so Trump can hold it over the Democrats to warn them off should they really try to impeach him.  Or maybe even both Rich and the Russkies were leaking.

She second WHAT IF I’d say is possible, but at this point sophisticated conjecture.  And if so Trump has to be more irritated than ever not even knowing if his inner staff is leaking against him or the Russians!