Trump Treason?

27 05 2017

HOTLINE.jpg   What is it called when someone sends his top assistants to secretly meet with a foreign power, one under sanctions and war threats by his country, trying to set up a “secret and covert” channel of communications with the Kremlin?   What is it called when someone sends someone to a remote island in the Indian Ocean to secretly and covertly meet with someone sent by Russia’s Putin?

Trump did the first more than a month and a half before becoming President dispatching son-in-law Kushner and General Flynn to try to arrange the secret channel with the Russians.   Obviously they were trying to keep the secrets from their own government!

Trump did the latter a week and a half before becoming President.  This time dispatching the notorious head of what was Blackwater before all the killings and scandals, Erik Prince.  Obviously they were trying to keep everything super-secret.

But the “leaks” and anonymous sources which have led to the Special Prosecutor now have Trump on the run.  He’s hiring personal lawyers now in addition to his White House Counsel.   And in a sure sign he’s really worried about what has become known so far and what’s likely coming,  Trump has even stopped most of his tweeting!   Charges of “Obstruction of Justice”, “Treason”, and Impeachment offenses all ahead now?