Memorial Day: IMPEACH the GENERALS!

29 05 2017

Image result for caricature pentagon generals

They are in charge now in Washington more than ever!  They can’t be impeached, but they can be exposed and discredited!   And many of them should be fired!

Both Generals MacMaster at the White House and Kelly at Homeland Security prostrated themselves this Memorial Day weekend claiming the Kushner/Trump secret “backchannel” to the Russians was “normal” and “good”!   They did so even as former heads of NSA, CIA, and DIA all proclaimed that if anyone in government had done what Kushner/Trump were doing last December it would be “treasonous”!   Furthermore they collectively had never ever heard of such outrageous actions by anyone before!

The Generals have waged America’s longest war in Afghanistan, 16 years and counting, yet they are still loosing to the “Taliban”!   Imagine that!   The Generals in fact recently held a war council at the White House — Chairman Dunford and Mad Dog Secretary Mattis joining in symbolizing the near total take-over of U.S. foreign policy by the Pentagon!  They are now hard pushing for more troops and bombs for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and beyond!

Talk about incompetence coupled with chutzpah!  Remember now the Generals are primarily allied in the US with the Neocons and the Evangelicals and the war corporations.   In the Middle East they are aligned most of all with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia and Israel!  And they have their key military bases in Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan + Israel (albeit more covertly) and beyond!