Damn Damn Damn Trump and his America

2 06 2017

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“This is an insane course of action!   Climate change is an existential threat to all of humanity!”

The psychopathic mentally-ill malignant narcissist who is the American President made his most condemnable act yesterday.  He made it a big thing in pictures as well as words gathering his officials in the White House Rose Garden to hype America’s “withdrawal” from the international climate accord reached in Paris in 2015 and agreed to by every nation in the world except Nicaragua and Syria…and now the USA!.
True, many Americans vehemently disagree.  Not my words above, but rather those of Jerry Brown, Governor of California.   But even so nations have to be held responsible for what they do.   Think how Japan and Germany were held responsible after WWII for the policies their out-of-control leaders pursued.