Qatar – Time for a Total Rethink!

7 06 2017

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If the Qataris really had guts they might seize the moment and realign themselves now with Iran, Russia and China.   They could in fact even sign a quick kind of shot-gun marriage defense treaty with all 3 countries and immediately invite Russian and Chinese military and security forces into the country, pulling the plug on the huge American military base.  But they better act quickly and firmly otherwise they will find themselves even more isolated and even more seriously threatened.

True the Americans — along with the Israelis and Saudis — would attempt to bring about a coup…or even come up with an excuse for invasion.   But they are probably actually working on that already.   If the Qataris act boldly to realign with Iran, Russia, and China — all countries that would see the tremendous benefits to themselves of doing so — they might find themselves more secure and more appreciated in the long run.  But alas, taking this admittedly dangerous step requires secret and fast diplomacy of which the Qataris are probably not capable.   The Saudis, Israelis and Americans are in fact counting on that.

Furthermore, and also very importantly, this is a great time for the Qataris to end their tremendously excessive profligate super  narcissistic ways.   There’s no need to continue the outlandishly foolish policies that bring ski snow to the desert, no need to keep building mine is bigger than yours, no need to host the World Cup, no need for SO much more financial nuttiness!   It’s time for a total rethink Qataris!

Image result for caricature qatar