8 06 2017

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A few weeks ago the American President went to Riyadh and held a war council against Iran with the Saudis with most of the Sunni Muslim States for backdrop.   Then he went to Israel to do the same knowing that the Jewish State, now teamed with the Saudis, has been trying to ignite US war with Iran for years.

A few weeks before that the Saudis made public threats against Tehran as they escalated further their super arming against Iran — thanks of course to the super arms being provided by the Americans with behind-the-scenes Israeli help politically as well as militarily.

Then earlier this week the Saudis orchestrated a historic break with Qatar whose current Emir has refused to go along with the isolation and war plans against Iran (which also of course means Hezbollah and Hamas).

And then yesterday there is a quite sophisticated and unprecedented dual terror attack in Tehran by shadowy Sunni Islamic forces mysteriously aligned with those known to be one way or another armed, financed, and trained by the Saudis and CIA (which always now also means Israel in the shadows).