Trump’s Exploding Middle East

11 06 2017

Image result for caricature map of middle east

In Saudi Arabia, or Bahrain, or UAE, if you so much as say anything positive now about Qatar — in any way shape or form — or anything against the miserable regimes in these American protectorate Arab dictatorships, you’re arrested, beaten, and imprisoned.

This is the result of Trump’s trip last month to Saudi Arabia and his extraordinarily war-mongering super-repressive extra-Zionist policies.   True, the stage had already been set by Obama as well as his predecessors.  Also true, the Israelis more than ever are manipulating everything behind the scenes.  For Trump more than any POTUS before him is there guy; plus the now Israeli-connected Arab dictatorships are more emboldened then ever with all the weapons coupled with enhanced CIA/Mossad connivance.

The overall goal of course is nothing less than even firmer U.S./Israel/Saudi/Egyptian control of the Middle East at any cost.

What will Russia now do?   How much will the growing repression cause underground movements to counter-grow leading to internal upheavals and eventual revolutions?  How much resistance and power can Iran bring to bear through proxies from Yemen to Syria and beyond?  How long can the U.S. sustain policies causing backlashes throughout the region and beyond; not to mention the continual financial and credibility drain at home?