12 06 2017

       Let's remember some things about Robert Mueller. He's very much at the heart of the Washington establishment which is why Bush/Cheney made him head of the FBI just days before 9/11.   He's a keeper of the deepest darkest secrets...and that includes about the realities of 9/11, Bin-Laden, JFK, MLK, and so much more.  He's himself part of the real truly deeply entrenched Deep State, that small fraternity of secrets keepers who know there are things the American people can never know.  Oh yes, the's the day Obama made Comey head of the FBI and they both extra clapped for Mueller on his retirement from that position.     And remember most of all the sordid history of the FBI.  OMG they still work in the building named for J. Edgar Hoover!

PS.  Watch the video I highlighted a few weeks ago on 20 May: