Trump on Fire!

21 06 2017

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Trump is lawyering up, said to be screaming at the TV, lashing out at everyone, spending time hiding in seclusion, actually hating being POTUS and wanting to abandon it but unable to.  He and family are under rare Justice Department Special Prosecutor investigation that he and his lawyers know could lead to impeachment, especially if the Dems do well in next year’s election.  Meanwhile he is blocked on nearly all of his key policies by the courts, the Congress, and public opinion.  And when it comes to foreign policy nearly everything he says and does his ill-conceived, hollow and out of control.    SO WATCH OUT for something big to divert us all from this political stew….such as 9/11 that came in the first Bush/Cheney year and set the country, and the world, on a totally different course.

Image result for caricature trump danger