“Peace Process” Super Hoax

22 06 2017

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What the US and Israel call “Peace Process” has always been WAR and INVASION masquerade.    In fact think of what has happened to the West Bank/Gaza/Jerusalem more as War and Invasion than “Occupation”.

Trump’s placement of extreme Jewish Zionists as U.S. Israel Ambassador and “Peace Process” Negotiator is far worse than laughable.  And Trump’s sending of Super Zionist, Orthodox Jew, personal friend of Bibi, and his own corrupted son-in-law to push forward the “Peace Process” is worse than insulting.

That Abbas even meets with these people shows how frightened and traitorous he has become.   He knows the Israelis and Americans provide his funds, his arms, his “security”; that they in fact have made his “Palestinian Authority” a dastardly sub-agent of the “Occupation”.   He knows he is not even a legitimate “President” and that but for the U.S. and Israel he would long ago have been overthrown.   He knows they killed Arafat when he finally said NO MORE OF THIS; and that they will do him in and replace him if he balks.