Washington Prepares for Greater Russia War

25 06 2017

Image result for caricature u.s. and russia at war

Not likely a nuclear World War as those with fingers on the triggers know what that means; though it could nevertheless degenerate into that as the “war gamers” know all too well.     Rather expect more semi-direct controlled skirmishes with each other, more clandestine and cyber penetrations, more proxy and camouflaged forces armed and trained by the rivals, more nuclear plus other wmd deterrence build-ups and threats.

Foremost in the lead is the military-industrial-government complex of the U.S.; with Israel and Saudi Arabia playing off this at the top and with many others following from Turkey to Egypt, Jordan, GCC and the Kurds.   On the whole the Russians and the Chinese are responding, quite aware of the American penchant for military “exceptionalism” and the American track record of foreign countries penetrated, bombed, “regime changed”, and sometimes destroyed; not to mention the many hundreds of U.S. military bases and CIA ops worldwide.

In this context today’s from-page Washington Post article (see top WashReport.com) about what happened in the last six months of the Obama Presidency vis-a-vis Russia takes on far more importance than historic revelation.  True, it is a major investigative journalistic coup highlighting a significant part of story about how we ended up with POTUS Trump and how American history, and thus world history, has been so altered by Russian “involvement”.  

True as well, the U.S. has done more and worse to many other countries, including trying to overthrow Putin….which he knows so well!  Also true there have got to be major “leakers” from the Obama Administration and the Neocon warriors behind this WaPo expose.   For it is not just about the past.  There’s a major push underway to further undermine and demonize Putin and Russia because in actuality the US and Russia are already now in a modern-day war in the Middle East, one that will  likely escalate much further and maybe quite soon.   Indeed the neocons and the Generals, along with the Israelis and the Saudis, are intent on pushing the U.S. into greater conflict with Syria, Lebanon and Iran.   

Hence this major article coming at this time and in this way is a part of today’s multifaceted international politics and media wars.   And this in turn underscores today’s complicated forms of international warfare — present and the future.