Sicko Washington DC

1 07 2017

I will Paint the Town Red: 1885    This cartoon shows "Democracy" portrayed as the devil holding a bucket labeled "Bourbon Principles." A profile caricature of Grover Cleveland appears in the paint brush. The Devil overlooks Washington, D.C., proclaiming he will "paint the town red." Illustrated by Grant E. Hamilton in 1885

Sicko City!   With a mentally-ill President, a despised on-the-take Congress, and a highly politicized Court that all-too-often dispenses patronage rather than either justice or law, the Capital city of the American Empire is not just a masked police state, not just a gross embarrassment in so many ways, but a danger to itself and the world!   Think CLIMATE!   Think WEAPONS (the latest cyber attacks done with stolen NSA weapons).  Think WAR CRIMES (just in recent memory many millions killed, many more made destitute refugees, literally countries destroyed, all based on mind-numbing deceptions and lies).

Even think METRO!   This week Washington Metro employees handed out free McDonalds coffee coupons trying to atone for what was not too long ago a new Metro System but is now a stumbling crumbling shambles.  Says an Indian college student in DC for an internship:  “The Indian metro system is so much more reliable than the DC Metro System”…not to mention he has to pay $12 daily for the unpredictable ride rather than 25 cents back home.   Says a DC rider:  “Trying to bribe me with a free coffee just makes me angrier than before!  I don’t want free coffee!  I want competent mediocrity from my public transport system!”

That’s a lot to ask for in an imperial capital with an insane President and a government that doesn’t even meet the “competent mediocrity” standard!

SO much more to say about today’s post-911 Washington DC!    But right now everyone get ready to celebrate American Independence Day on the 4th (remember not to bring much with you to the Mall or security will confiscate).    And be thankful the folks at Metro have agreed to keep it open till Midnight rather than closing it at 11:30pm to save money and inconvenience further the working poor as well as the misguided celebrants.