Trump’s General McIncompetent

4 07 2017

Image result for caricature trump and putinRemember now how General H.R. McMaster got to the White House as National Security Adviser.  Trump was desperate to get someone to replace his previous General, fired Flynn, and came upon someone he barely knew but had lots of military medals.  The word incompetent is not one used about McMaster but…

But how can one describe McMaster’s recent faux pas other than with that term. Shortly after announcing Trump’s upcoming meeting with Putin McMaster told reporters “we have no specific agenda…it’s whatever the President wants to talk about.”

This is the political and p.r. equivalent of going into battle forgetting your gun and your helmet!

First of all there are two Presidents involved — one is always well-prepared and knows how to play the game while the other is, by widespread accounts, mentally-ill and emotionally/psychologically unbalanced.   Second, meetings of this kind are NEVER without specific agenda and NEVER left to whim.   If McMaster doesn’t know that about the world, if he isn’t aware he can never let his deranged boss get into such a situation with someone like Putin, the label General McIncompetent fits!