“The World Is On Notice”!

6 07 2017

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So spoke Trump’s U.N. Ambassador to the Security Council yesterday.   The Americans are threatening and preparing to attack North Korea regardless of what the U.N. says and does.  We’ve been here before…most recently Syria and before that Iraq and Afghanistan.   Anyone who has read William Blum’s books and his extensive catalog of American imperial military attacks and covert interventions has to be startled!

It’s time for the world, and institutionally that is the role of the Security Council, to “Put the U.S. on Notice!”

In this case that means both China and Russia, need to make sure that whatever resolution is passed explicitly forbids military attack and specifically calls for a double suspension pending UN sponsored talks.  If the U.S. vetoes so be it.

Double suspension?   North Korea agrees to suspend further missile and nuclear weapons tests while the Americans and South Korea agree to suspend further military “exercises”.   Then it’s time for the Security Council to insist on U.N.-sponsored negotiations to finally bring the Korean War, never actually formally ended, to an end; and to establish the goal of a withdrawal of all foreign forces from Korea, denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula, and negotiations toward abolishing the DMZ and gradual Korean reunification.

The American Empire, for its own good not to mention the fate of the world, has to be “Put on Notice” before it’s too late.   And this of course goes far beyond Korea, though this is now a significant symbolic moment to act.   Also of immediate concern:  Climate, Syria, Iraq/Afghanistan, Palestine, and the list goes on.  ALSO, and very importantly and connected, it’s time to breath new life in the NPT…the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which the Americans have both abused and ignored.