TRUMP – Provocateur-in-Chief

7 07 2017

Tjeerd Royaards is a Dutch editorial cartoonist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is editor-in-chief of

Everywhere Trump is dangerously provoking.   In the South China Sea yesterday bombers flew over the ‘disputed’ Chinese islands just days after warships sailed nearby.  In Syria the US is attacking Government forces for the first time risking escalation with Russia.  In Yemen and with Qatar the Trumpees have encouraged and backed the Saudis who are themselves now aligned with Israel and the real target is Iran.  With much greater military spending and “America first” ideology Trump is challenging everyone into a new escalating arms race and daring all.  With NATO expanding eastward with more troops, missiles, and weapons Moscow is being more directly threatened.  With Nikki’s U.N. speech earlier this week the Trumpees have put the “world on notice” we will attack at will regardless of the Security Council and no one can stop us.