Tricky Deceitful Trumpees

13 07 2017

Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice Jay Sekulow

The latest Trump ‘personal’ attorney brought on because of Russiagate is Jay Sekulow.   A far right-wing guy who has every single hair neatly in place fits the stereotype for crafty disingenuous twisting overly-slick lawyers.    Actually he’s so much of these things that the more he spins the more he discredits himself and his client.   Take for instance his long extended lead-off interview on NBC’s Today Show yesterday  morning (12 July) trying to explain away a meeting that brought the top three Trumpees at the time to meet with a mysterious “Russian government lawyer” expecting to get Russian government-collected dirty tricks about Hillary.

“He was on a phone line into this meeting” Sekulow said of Paul Manafort trying to make people think Trump’s Campaign Manager wasn’t a real part of the meeting.  Not true Jay, Manafort was right there in the room eagerly awaiting the dirt!   Not even a good try Jay as others who were there have flatly contradicted you!   Did you just screw up Jay, or were you doing your usual trying to obfuscate and confuse but stumbling along your way?