Ruskies DID give Trumpees DOCUMENTS!

15 07 2017

Drudge 15 July.PNG

You gotta wonder about the smarts of the Trumpees and their many attorneys!   Did they really think that the others in the now infamous June 2016 meeting would not become known?  Did they really think the documents given them would not become known?  Did they really think releasing the emails just hours after the NYTimes told them it was going to do so and was awaiting their comment was going to pass for “transparency”?

Now investigators are going to have to everyone involved, “Under Oath”:

  • Were there any other meetings?
  • What was in the documents and where are they?
  • Why did candidate Donald just a few days later say damning new info about Hillary would soon be forthcoming?
  • Where are the rest of your emails that even mention Russia?