20 07 2017

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“It is clear the Kremlin got the message that Donald Trump welcomed the help of the Russian government in providing dirt on Hillary Clinton” and Trump Jr’s statements about the meeting with the Russians “paint a portrait of consistent dissembling and deceit.”  This time the summary of one of the members of Congress is right on.

“This is everything, this is everything” Trump Jr. insisted on complicit FOX shortly after this latest and maybe biggest Russia scandal broke partially into public view.   But this was before the revelations that there were other Ruskies at the meeting AND a document about Hillary was passed to them.   NOT SMALL MATTERS!

Let’s soon see what he, and Manafort, and Kushner, et. al., “Testify” “Under Oath” before the Congressional and Special Prosecutor inquisitors.

Image result for caricature trump and russia