Assad Winning – Trump/Putin Deal?

21 07 2017

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“This is a momentous decision.   Putin won in Syria.”

So says a current senior official about the latest Trump move.  Just days after his dalliances with Putin at the G20 comes the “leak” that the “secret” CIA arming/funding/training of the “rebels” to bring down the Assad Baath Regime in Syria, is going to end.   Remember now, it was that move by the Obama Administration a few years ago, urged on by Israel and Saudi Arabia at the time to “win” the Syria war, that got the Russians to further involve themselves and prevent that.

Whatever, make no mistake about this, the Neocons, Israelis, Saudis, Pentagon/CIA remain in charge in Washington.   Trump is now the front man but they will twist and manipulate him one way or another getting their way one way or another.