Sessions, Manafort, Trump Jr ALL LIED BIG-TIME

22 07 2017

Image result for caricature prison for sessions

Sessions, now Attorney General, lied to Congress and the FBI trying to cover up his secret talks with the Russians.

Manafort lied trying to cover up about his financial indebtedness to the Russians.

Trump Jr also lied trying to cover up his dealings with the Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary.

Kushner as well…but that’s a story yet to be more fully uncovered.

Now each of them must be brought again before the Congress and the Special Counsel UNDER OATH.   And each of them at the least should be subject to perjury charges, Sessions to criminal charges as he lied to get his Security Clearance.

Trump may, probably will if he has to, pardon them all — but even so let’s at least try to preserve what’s left of American democracy.