ABBAS the TERRIBLE (and worse)

24 07 2017

Image result for caricature abbas traitor

Mahmoud Abbas has been a disaster for the Palestinian people.   He should have been forced to resign or be gone one way or another long ago.  He and his VIP PA cabal with their foreign bank accounts and escape plans should in fact not be allowed to leave…many of them should be imprisoned as corrupted quislings and traitors by their own people.

What Abbas, now working in tandem with both Trump and Netanyahu despite his protestations otherwise,  is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza should be the last straw.  He should be forceably removed…did I say one way or another already.

And now that the Israelis have lit the fuse for an Al-Aqsa religious intifada, beyond the historical and political war over the land of Palestine, the time for Abbas and the Israeli/US/EU “Palestine Authority” he so illegitimately leads to be terminated…one way or another.   Abbas’s attempt to pretend he is cutting off “security cooperation” with the Israelis is a sign of his growing desperation.  He knows his people have come to despise him even more than fearing him.   He also knows that it is that “security cooperation” with the U.S. on top of the Israelis that is the only thing that keeps him so miserably empowered.