TRUMP: ‘You’re All Fired!’

29 07 2017

“I was elected NOT to do things in Washington as they have been done before, but to drain the swamp, and to get things done.   Too many in Washington have been blocking my efforts or not doing enough to help me achieve what the American people elected me to do.  So I need to make some changes.   It’s time for some important changes and more effective leaders in key positions so I can do what I promised the American people.”

“Yesterday I already asked my former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, to resign and my new Chief of Staff is John Kelly, who has been the excellent Secretary of Homeland Security and before that a most distinguished 4-Star General.   Other changes are in the process of being made, including Steve Bannon is moving on to another important position in the private sector where he will continue to coordinate with me and the White House on critical issues.   I thank both of them for their exceptional service and wish them well in their new pursuits.     

“Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller are moving on from their positions at the Justice Department.   I thank Jeff and Rod and wish them well in their new pursuits, but it’s time for a change and more effective new leadership at Justice.  Very frankly when it comes to the Special Counsel, he never should have been appointed in the first place, he’s hired too many very partisan lawyers with an agenda to hamper my Administration, and he already was far overextended beyond the Russia matters.   So I have selected  ___________ to be my Attorney General and _____________ will be his Deputy.

“Now we need the Congress and the entire Government to work diligently and swiftly and effectively to bring our citizens more investments and jobs as well as enhanced infrastructure renewal throughout the country,  the best new system of health care, greater security in our homeland, and all the further efforts that are required to “Make America Great Again”.   That’s what I promised the American people I would strive to do every day as their new and serious-minded President, and that’s why I have made these changes, and there are more to come.”

Consider yesterday what we use to call at the movies “Coming Attractions”.   Get ready for even bolder and self-protective firings.  Most of all, Trump has been setting the pieces in place to rid himself of the Special Counsel that is the main threaten that could bring down his oh-so-dangerous and bumbling Presidency.