“Surgical Strike” on N Korea?!

31 07 2017

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Yes expect it!   One of these days the bombers and/or cruise missiles already sent on many “drills” won’t stop, they will proceed across the DMZ and “Surgically Strike” North Korea — likely just one or two “strategic targets”…at first.   Used will be powerful conventional weapons, NOT nukes…at first.

True, the “drills”, latest yesterday, are also a way to provoke China to intervene; but that’s not likely to work and never was.  Trump has dug himself into a major hole involving both macho and credibility.  With his senior Generals in charge now of everything — White House, NSC and Pentagon — expect military action!   Trump faces major other challenges from the Russians and Iranians as well as the Chinese — so backing down from Korea is more problematical for him and unacceptable for him than ever.

Just in advance of the strike Trump will call China (and inform Russia) and tell them to alert North Korea and demand the PRNK accept the “very limited”,  “military targets only”, “show of force”, without a major military response of its own.   Trump will further warn Xi to warn Kim that if the PRNK even attempts to attack South Korea or Japan, not to mention the USA, he will order the full-scale destruction of North Korea’s military capabilities.

Especially given what the U.S. has done to N Korea in the past this will be taken as a real threat, not a bluff, with unforeseen and unexpected consequences…no matter how many “war games” have already been played to determine what to expect.

Indeed it is the history of N Korea’s utter destruction, followed by decades of war threats from the Americans, that is the primary reason North Korea has raced forward with  “deterrent” nuclear weapons.   But that too may not work; and the dangers of miscalculation have now reached Red Alert proportions.

Image result for caricature north korea versus usa