CHINA Warns US of WAR over Korea

31 08 2017

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Sometimes major developments are largely overlooked by the MSM — too difficult and nuanced and dangerous to handle…so much else going on.  It helps when those making the news, in this case the Government of China, do so in thoughtful non-bombastic non-headline making ways.

What was tremendously significant earlier this month was the public warning from Beijing that if the US made a ‘preemptive’ attack on North Korea or attempts to take down the regime CHINA would INTERVENE!  That was nothing less than a threat of WAR between the USA and CHINA as happened back in the 1950s in Korea leading in fact to today’s dangerously perplexing quagmire.   It was clearly not only a response to Trump, but a major warning to the Generals who literally surround him and who really run the U.S.A. when it comes to strategic foreign policy issues.

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Gaza! Blame also US + Egypt + UN + PA

30 08 2017

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The Israelis have made Gaza into a wretched open-air increasingly unliveable prison complete with towering walls/fences/watchtowers and with a new never-before deep underground wall now being built.  They have violated every international norm and all international agreements they signed, including Oslo 1993.   But they could never have done what they have without the major assistance of the U.S. and Egypt, without the cowardice of the U.N., and without the complicity of the despicable Abbas P.A.

The U.N. Sec-Gen’s current visit to Gaza is a sham display of little but contempt for himself and his organization as he has totally failed to point fingers at who is responsible for the wretched conditions he has finally himself come to witness just a bit.   Plus Antonio Guterres has totally failed to do anything serious to alleviate what has been done to the nearly 2 million Gazans.

Crazy Uncontrollable TRUMP

28 08 2017

Don't look!

Noting illustrates the craziness of Trump, and how no one in his family or entourage can control him on even simple basic things — not to mention what he might do in a fit of rage or revenge — than the recent eclipse episode.

Despite weeks of warnings throughout the media (that he watches with addiction)… Despite all his advisers around him, not to mention Melania and his son right next to him…  Despite all the cameras he knew were focused on him…  This malignant narcissist didn’t use the special glasses but starred up squinting at the sun until the shouts from those around him got him to put them on.

Imagine…despite all the warnings, advisers, and family….and all the time to prepare on something so simple and basic…Trump did exactly what no one was supposed to do as if he was proving he could defy anyone and everyone…even the sun!


27 08 2017

Image result for caricature trump pardon  The Presidential pardon of the Arizona Sheriff violated all the standards and procedures from the past.  Actually in some ways it was unprecedented use of the Presidential pardon power, for Arpaio purposefully violated the Constitution, had not even yet been sentenced, and Trump did not even consult or involve the Justice Department.

But what this pardon is really all about is signaling to all those being interviewed, subpoenaed, and offered immunity and prosecution deals by Special Prosecutor Mueller that he will pardon them all…as long as they stay loyal to him.



20 08 2017

I wrote this on May 12th last year.   Now the civil war has reached the streets fanned by the dangerously mentally ill not-really-legitimate President :

There’s another Civil War in America these days.  It’s ideological so far but who knows what lies ahead as the middle class continues to shrink/suffer, America’s dominance in the world further fades, responsive “terrorism” escalates, and mega weapons of near instant armageddon proliferate.   As bad as another Clinton Presidency would be, a Trump one may will fuel this Ideological American Civil War even more.  As always check daily

This today from a Harvard Professor who clearly has had enough:

Harvard professor: Start treating Christian conservatives like Nazi

A Harvard law professor has called for liberals to begin treating like Nazis those who subscribe to Christian or conservative beliefs.    “My own judgment is that taking a hard line (‘You lost, live with it’) is better than trying to accommodate the losers.   Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown.  And taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.”


18 08 2017


Let’s sum things up after years of personal experience with THE MIDDLE EAST INSTITUTE in Washington:

MEI is a front for the Department of State, super-rich and corrupted Arab regimes,
and the CIA. Recently secret payments from the UAE to MEI totaling
more than $20 million have seeped into view. Years ago I served on
a prestigious year-long Panel co-sponsored by MEI and Atlantic Council on what
should be U.S. policies in the Middle East. Mine was the only published dissent…
for which I am far more proud today than at the time.

I said it 4 months ago…Spicer & Bannon

15 08 2017

Four months ago on 16 April I predicted that both Spicer and Bannon were going to be gone soon.   I further predicted Trump would manuever to get them to resign, and would be especially careful how Bannon departed trying to keep him under control one way or another.   What I said then has been playing out this summer and Bannon too is now gone slipping into some new reincarnation having already transformed himself from ideologist to businessman to film-maker to journalist to “strategist” to Presidential brain to….?

This is what I wrote four months ago:

Bannon and Spicer GOING GOING soon GONE

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Washington Update!  Both Bannon and Spicer are on the way out.  They have both become distractions for super narcissist POTUS Trump — beyond their own bumbling.   What Trump wants is for both of them to resign and go quietly. When it comes to Bannon Trump wants to find a way, any way, that he will not become the super guru of the far-right using his unique “stature” challenging and opposing Trump as he drifts toward both “moderation” and a “war Presidency”.  The later will be Trump’s way of both excusing his domestic failures and trying to rally his base around him and the flag for “patriotic” rather than policy reasons.