Trump Removal?

4 08 2017

Lichuan Xia is an editorial cartoonist and graphic designer in China.

The Pakistanis have just used the law to remove their Prime Minister.

The Israelis are in the process of using the law to remove theirs.

Yet neither of them has committed such fragrant and repeated lies and deceptions and financial misdeeds, not to mention increasingly proven Russian collusion to win the election, than has the current American mentally ill President.

Tragically, even if The Donald is sent back to TV (we all know he should be going somewhere else), that leaves the USA with Pence (ideologically even worse) and with a Supreme Court already twisted far to the right and likely to go much further!

The damage Trump has already done to The United States of America is immense, and lasting and expanding, even if and when he is removed, however that is done.