US hand in China/India Clash?

5 08 2017

For more than a month, Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a standoff on a remote but strategically important Himalayan plateau near where Tibet, India and Bhutan meet

The Right-Wing Indian PM Narendra Modi visits Trump in the US and Netanyahu in Israel and just a few weeks later there is a possible military clash building between India and China.  More military hardware and “intelligence” now flowing between the US/Israel to India than ever before.   So this whole situation is definitely suspicious to say the least!   There should be no doubt any longer that the “pivot” US policy is not only containment of China by surrounding it with U.S. military bases and American-connected client regimes, but also escalating pressures on China to do what the US wants not only with regard to PRNK and South China Sea but economically.

“America First” means “China Limited” not just in Trump’s Washington but in the military-industrial-complex American Empire that preceded Trump and will remain after him.   Superpowers challenged and in decline are usually more dangerous in the early stages.