Regional Middle East War Explosion Looms

8 08 2017

Image result for caricature Middle East regional war

Bibi is cornered in Israel, his long political life and even jail now on the line.   In desperation he’s even changing Israel law in order to ban foreign-sponsored publications (but not those that him support him of course).

Donald is being surrounded in the U.S., his short political life and maybe his associates and family-members facing criminal charges.   In desperation he’s trying to change the subject to jailing leakers and back to Hillary’s emails.

In the Middle East Iran is on the rise, the U.S. is losing it’s longest war (Afghanistan), Lebanon is further arming with tens of thousands of missiles aimed at “The Jewish State”, and from Iraq to Syria, Yemen, Somalia and beyond U.S. policies have led to worse than ominous quagmires and oh-so-many deaths and such terrible destruction.

The other major U.S. regional ally, Saudi Arabia (and by extension these days Junta Egypt) is increasingly unstable and also feeling surrounded itself and under siege.

The Russians have intervened, quite understandably, not just in Syria, but regionally.

Oh yes, that other long-time American ally, Turkey, has become a fascist neo-Islamic dictatorship with American military infiltration, a la Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Jordan on top of the US Israel/Saudi alliance.

And let’s not forget Palestine, especially Gaza and Jerusalem…for which the Americans are more than complicitous, they in fact are the responsible and culpable party.

Talk about an EXPLOSIVE MIX!   It’s a military/political/strategic brew just waiting to ignite!