Trump and the FBI

28 09 2017

The new FBI Director Christopher Wray, chosen by Trump, gets officially sworn in today.  Past Directors including Comey, fired by Trump, and Mueller, now officially investigating Trump, are expected to be there as is custom.  The President however, will not be there, as is very much against custom.   And it all happens in the building still named for the notoriously dangerous long-time Director, Hoover, now known in history for his blackmailing, dark exploits, and killings.


Saudi Hyper Propaganda

27 09 2017

The Saudis are in hyper propaganda mode.  They are spending more than ever on media and lobbyists; and also on bashing Qatar.   Yesterday their new “Royal” Amb in DC had a Press Conference and they arranged lots of p.r. with women back home claiming that being the last country in the world to “allow” women to drive was a big deal!   “Sharp Turn” they got WaPo to headline on Page 1 today.  LOL…much too little much too late in fact; not to mention it’s a big diversion from the far more important realities.

The real news is how the Saudis have destroyed Yemen, made a secret alliance with Israel, backed up Bahrain, isolated Qatar/AlJazeera, and are hard pushing the US to further isolate and bring about coup in Tehran and/or even much greater regional war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon.

Also the big real news is that what the Saudis are spending on p.r. is miniscule compared to what they are spending on weapons — with the Pentagon and arms makers continually celebrating!   $100 billion+ in weapons already contracted for — more than ever before in history!

Rouhani Gets Trump Right

26 09 2017

The US, pushed mainly by Israel but also by the Saudis, has been working for some time to either bring down the government in Iran and/or ignite a greater regional Middle East war to take down Iran, Syria, Lebanon and beyond.   This precedes Trump though Obama held back the regional war explosion even as he super-armed and prepared the way for what Trump is now doing.   But Trump has now added not just super flammable rhetoric.   More importantly he has oked enhanced Pentagon/CIA preparations along with even greater coordination with Israel and the Saudis.

In his address to the U.N. General Assembly, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Trump’s speech “ignorant, absurd and hateful.”     How sad when we have to listen more carefully and respectfully to the U.N. speeches of foreign leaders, while being both embarrassed and frightened by the words of our own American President.

War, Climate, Sanity

25 09 2017


You’d think there would be great interest in a conference in Washington DC at American University bringing together many groups calling for an end to war and imperialism, climate sanity, plus retired CIA professionals giving our their yearly award for integrity.  And yet the hundred or so who came to the conference gave the impression more of retirement home than serious, energetic organization.

Indeed the key honorees who were much publicized — Seymour Hersh and Chelsey Manning — both decided not even to show or send remarks…though it was great to see Edward Snowden from Moscow and Daniel Ellsberg from his home in California via satellite applauding them.

Indeed many of the speakers during the three-day event were extremely interesting and even powerful…audience notwithstanding   All that said, in this age of live streaming and YouTube holding such a conference is still worthwhile.   But even so when there are so many sponsoring organizations yet so few attendees, and hardly any interest from students or the media, what does that say about the state of the grassroots “Peace Movement”?

Kurdistan, Catalonia, California

24 09 2017

The Kurds in Iraq vote Monday on Independence.

The vote for independence for Catalonia takes place on 1 October.

The Scottish have not given up, especially with Brexit looming.

OK, California, has your time come?


22 09 2017

Image result for caricature brookings israel saban           Hillary with Saban and Israelis at Saban Brookings

The main Democratic Party think-tank in Washington still known as Brookings  — but which should put back the name Saban as it was taken over by super-Zionist
Haim Saban and the Israelis years ago on all matters relating to the Middle East and foreign policy — held a forum about Saudi Arabia this week.

Unbelievably the word Israel was never mentioned.    Even though top Saudi officials have been making critical visits to Israel, and vice-versa secretly, more and more in recent years — including maybe the Crown Prince himself in recent weeks — and even though it is the U.S./Israel/Saudi+Egypt alliance that has become crucial for the U.S. no one dared utter the words “Israel”, “Israel Lobby” or “Jewish” or “Zionist” interests.


21 09 2017

Image result for caricature u.s. threatens world

An unstable mentally-ill extremely extremely bellicose American President has just threatened to “totally destroy” another country from the international pulpit of the U.N.! And if you think this couldn’t happen remember what the Americans have done one way or another just in recent years to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Vietnam and beyond.

But the threats go far beyond Korea.  The American military — and it’s not just Trump — is determined to further enhance their own massive weapons systems and further escalate the world arms race from space to the seas to drones to cyber and beyond.

Last Sunday super warhawk Senator John McCain (previously Republican nominee) said he’d been told by the Pentagon that “Within 5 years our adversaries will have caught up with our capabilities.” “We don’t want that” McCain declared on CBS insisting the U.S. must remain militarily supreme and there must be no multi-polar world. Then he helped push through Congress a massive $80 billion increase for the American war machine next year — even more than Trump has deemed necessary!  And that’s on top of the $1 trillion long-term program to build another new generation of American nukes!